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Sending HTTP Requests in Scala and Akka in 5 minutes

This article is for the Scala programmer who wants to run one-off HTTP requests quickly. The thinking style assumed is "I don't want to care too much, I'll give you a payload, you just give me a future containing your response". With minimal boilerplate, we'll do exactly that with Akka HTTP in 5...


Why is contravariance so hard?

This article is for the Scala programmer who's either getting started with Scala generics, OR who has been using generics in their basic form, i.e. just attach type arguments, like val list: List[Int] = List(1,2,3) So what's variance? It's that cute little...


8 Scala Pattern Matching Tricks

You can't be a Scala programmer and say you've never used pattern matching. Pattern matching is one of the most powerful Scala features - it allows one to test lots of values and conditions without nested and chained if-else expressions. val aNumber = 44 val ordinal...