Akka Classic Essentials

Use actors to think distributed systems differently. Uses Akka Classic actors.


The classic Akka actors course is still live.

Akka is one of the most powerful toolkits in the Scala ecosystem. Mimicking human interaction with the actor model revolutionized the way we build and think parallel and distributed applications.

Although we have a completely revamped course with the latest Akka Typed version, This course will still be alive on Rock the JVM for as long as people continue to use Akka Classic.

This course is 100% compatible with the latest fully supported Akka Classic (which at the time of writing is 2.6.x) and gives you the same benefits:

  • Timeless skills with actors
  • Actor interaction patterns
  • Testing actors
  • Fault tolerance
  • Advanced patterns

and gives you the same perks:

  • Full code I write on camera (2000+ LOC)
  • Exclusive access our private Slack group
  • Takeaway slides
  • All updates free
  • Never expires

Course Overview

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Your Instructor

Daniel Ciocîrlan
Daniel Ciocîrlan

I'm a software engineer and the founder of Rock the JVM. I started the Rock the JVM project out of love for Scala and the technologies it powers - they are all amazing tools and I want to share as much of my experience with them as I can.

As of February 2024, I've taught Java, Scala, Kotlin and related tech (e.g. Cats, ZIO, Spark) to 100000+ students at various levels and I've held live training sessions for some of the best companies in the industry, including Adobe and Apple. I've also taught university students who now work at Google and Facebook (among others), I've held Hour of Code for 7-year-olds and I've taught more than 35000 kids to code.

I have a Master's Degree in Computer Science and I wrote my Bachelor and Master theses on Quantum Computation. Before starting to learn programming, I won medals at international Physics competitions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this course different than the Akka Typed version?
The course teaches largely the same concepts, but the Akka Typed APIs are very different: actors are defined in terms of their behaviors, messages must be type-checked, code structure is a bit different.
Do you recommend Akka Typed or Classic?
The more strongly-typed an API is, the more I prefer it. Akka Typed is the choice.
My project/company is using Akka Classic. Do you recommend I learn the Typed course?
No - use this one. The concepts are the most important, and you can learn them either here or in the typed course. If/when your project moves to Typed, you'll adapt very easily.
Daniel, I want to join but I can't afford it.
Check out the membership (https://rockthejvm.com/p/membership), it's the cheapest option.
What if I don't like the course?
Then I want to give your money back. Email me at [email protected] with your receipt, and I will refund you. Less than 0.1% of the Rock the JVM students have refunded a course, and the refund took less than 72 hours.