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Rock the JVM aims to become the go-to learning resource for anything in the Scala ecosystem, and beyond. The name says it all: I want to show you the best programming tools and techniques to rock the JVM. The logo is a visual representation of this mission.

The Design

The idea of a rock-on sign with polygons came to me while I was in the process of creating this website, but I draw like a 3-year-old. So I went on 99 Designs and a brilliant designer helped me with the UI/UX for this website (which I eventually never used, but that's a longer story). Before creating the actual website, I asked him to help me with a logo for it. His name is Ionuț, he goes by the nickname Jickster and you can find him here.

What it Means

Here at Rock the JVM we're building a community of passionate programmers. We're learning from each other, we're supporting each other, we share, we talk, we help each other land jobs. It's a sign of camaraderie.

The logo is composed of polygons, which is also a metaphor for the technology we learn here: it's complex and has many sides. Here at Rock the JVM, we're building skill and experience, and with experience comes wisdom. There's no "one" way of doing things, and each piece of tech has its best and its worst sides. Our job is to tell the difference and see the bigger picture.

The colors of the logos — there are multiple logo versions used throughout the site — are all bright. That's because I teach and learn with passion, and I hope you will too.

Finally and most importantly, it's a sign of love, because Rock the JVM is a labor of love. I poured my sweat and tears into these materials and this website, and I am deeply grateful I get to do what I do. If you find value in what I'm doing at Rock the JVM or you're taking the time to read this page, thank you.

Logos and Trademarks

This goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway: all the logos of the technologies I teach (e.g. Scala, Akka or Apache Spark) are properties of their respective owners (EPFL, Lightbend or the Apache Software Foundation, respectively). The same applies for the logos of the companies I held trainings at; that doesn't imply they officially endorse me or Rock the JVM in any way — they have bigger things to do, like applying what I taught them.

The Rock the JVM logo — in all of its color versions — is owned by me (Daniel Ciocîrlan) and my company, Accelerated Learning System SRL.

Don't copy me 😘

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