The Akka Bundle

Learn everything there is to know. Actors, Event Sourcing, Streams, HTTP, Remoting, Clustering, Sharding... take it all, from noob to master.


Think distributed systems differently.

You know Akka and the actor model - one of the most powerful abstractions of concurrent programming we've had, even though it's not new. Use actors instead of threads and locks, go immortal with event sourcing, reactive with streams, distribute everything with remoting and clustering, build large scale distributed systems like they did all over the place.

This series is for the Scala programmer who needs to work with Akka and needs a clear path to mastering it. Rock the JVM has - to my knowledge, and I've searched way past the second page on Google - the only such path in existence.

This bundle contains

  • 300+ live runnable examples
  • 150+ exercises with solutions
  • 10000+ lines of code written from scratch, more than most engineers push in a year
    (I have exactly 10423 lines on camera, which I'll share with you 100%)
  • access to a growing private community on Slack
  • ~50 hours of HD content (soon downloadable)
  • (soon) takeaway slides
  • all updates and additional material for free, for life

"Show me the path."

If you came here thinking, "I want to learn Akka, just show me a step-by-step way to do it, and I'll follow", this is it. There's little else for me to say. More than 4000 people have taken this journey and they speak:

I've heard guys working years with scala saying that the Akka Streams library is so complex that only the lightbend folks that write it can use it. I've given it a try in the past, but after going beyond basic sources, sinks and flow i was like WTF!!. Daniel once again nails it, explains so nicely every single details, and spreads some light into such a hard topic. This course is so advanced that you will probably have to go through it 2 or more times, but after you do, daniel presents everything so nicely that you will definetely be a master of Akka Streams. Honestly Daniel is like my Scala Guru.
(Giannis P. on Akka Streams, Feb. 2019)

The course is awesome!! As expected of course from Daniel, a great teacher going in depth for all concepts and explaining the WHYs and not just the HOWs. Currently on my journey to become a true master of the Akka world, can't wait to continue with the rest of the series. Thanks for helping us rock Daniel!!
(Kyriakos T. on the Akka series, Jan. 2020)

There are >1000 reviews like that, and that's on Udemy. The version you're looking at is even better and with exclusive new material.

This path is literally what you need to follow to be good at Akka, and it's the only series on the web of this scale and complexity.

Courses Included

Akka Typed Essentials
Meet the Actor Model: a fundamentally different way of thinking parallel and distributed systems.
Daniel Ciocîrlan
Akka Streams with Scala
The power of Reactive Streams in your hands. Learn to implement reactive data-rich systems at any scale, and write in 10 lines what other people write in 3000.
Daniel Ciocîrlan
Akka HTTP with Scala
Build microservices in minutes. Write reactive, stream-based REST APIs, backends and microservices.
Daniel Ciocîrlan
Akka Classic Essentials
Use actors to think distributed systems differently. Uses Akka Classic actors.
Daniel Ciocîrlan
Akka Classic Persistence
Embrace a different way of thinking persistence and storage. As it happens, it fits the Actor Model like a glove.
Daniel Ciocîrlan
Akka Classic Remoting and Clustering
Make it big. Learn to use the power of clustering for large-scale, reactive distributed systems.
Daniel Ciocîrlan
Akka Classic Serialization
Don't waste months in your project only to realize Java serialization sucks. Learn to use Avro, Kryo or Protobuf to max-out the performance of your Akka system.
Daniel Ciocîrlan

Total if purchased separately: $410


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is this in total? Will I have time for it?
This series is roughly 50 hours in total, with lessons around 15-25 minutes each. I recommend at least 1 hour of focused work at one time. So this is quite a lot, BUT I've made this smooth for you so you don't waste any more time with things that don't work (setup, poorly explained exercises etc). You can cover everything in 2 weeks if you're committed.
Does this really work?
Yes, it does. Also, that's not my answer - it's what you hear about all the Rock the JVM material from thousands of people now working at Apple, UniCredit, Adobe, Uber and other successful companies and teams around the world.
Is it hard?
It can be if you try this on your own, but no. All you need is some essential Scala skills. Otherwise, I've designed the series so that it just grows in difficulty in time, proportional to your work. I only require that you've programmed before in some other language and you know some general fundamentals. At the end of the series, you will look back to the advanced pieces and you'll go like "Huh. That would have been pretty tough if I tried that on my own."
Can I expense this at my company?
Of course! You'll get a detailed receipt with your purchase, including VAT (if applicable to you), which you can take to your employer to reimburse. Most (wise) companies will reimburse courses like this.
What if I don't like it?
Then I want to give your money back. Email me at [email protected] with your receipt, and I will refund you. Less than 1% of the Rock the JVM students have refunded a course, and the refund took less than 72 hours.
I've already enrolled in some of the courses, but I want to take this bundle. Can I pay the difference?
Of course. I don't want you to pay for the same thing twice. Email me at [email protected] with a proof of all your purchases and I'll create a discount for you to offset what you paid.

Your Instructor

Daniel Ciocîrlan
Daniel Ciocîrlan

I'm a software engineer and the founder of Rock the JVM. I started the Rock the JVM project out of love for Scala and the technologies it powers - they are all amazing tools and I want to share as much of my experience with them as I can.

As of February 2024, I've taught Java, Scala, Kotlin and related tech (e.g. Cats, ZIO, Spark) to 100000+ students at various levels and I've held live training sessions for some of the best companies in the industry, including Adobe and Apple. I've also taught university students who now work at Google and Facebook (among others), I've held Hour of Code for 7-year-olds and I've taught more than 35000 kids to code.

I have a Master's Degree in Computer Science and I wrote my Bachelor and Master theses on Quantum Computation. Before starting to learn programming, I won medals at international Physics competitions.