Rock the JVM!

Rock the jvm!

The best training on Scala, Akka and Spark on the whole damn web.



Scala at Light Speed

Learn Scala's most important features in the time it takes to watch a movie.

Scala at light speed


Scala & Functional Programming Practice

Master the functional programming mindset with Scala and nail every functional programming interview.

Scala and Functional Programming Practice

Scala for Beginners

Become a Scala programmer.

Dive head-first and hands-on into the fundamentals of Scala and functional programming.

Rock the JVM Scala

Advanced Scala

Become a true Scala rockstar.

Master multithreading, implicits, advanced functional programming and Scala's phenomenal type system.

Rock the JVM Advanced Scala

Apache Spark

Spark Essentials

The only Big Data course on the web with real big data.

Learn the most popular big data toolkit while crunching billions of records, live, in record time.

Spark Essentials with Scala


Spark Streaming

Process massive data as it arrives.

Integrate Spark with Kafka, JDBC, Cassandra and anything you want. Process live tweets in real time and stream data like a boss.

Spark Streaming with Scala


Akka Essentials

Enough threads and locks and headaches.

Meet the Actor Model. Dive into a better way of thinking concurrent and distributed code.


Akka Persistence

Hello, Event Sourcing.

A different way of thinking persistence and storage. And it just so happens it fits the Actor Model like a glove.

Akka Persistence

Akka Streams

The power of Reactive Streams in your hands.

Learn to implement reactive data-rich systems at any scale. Write in 10 lines what other people write in 3000.

Akka Streams


Build microservices in minutes.

Write reactive, stream-based REST APIs, backends and microservices. Send and receive JSON auto-magically. All with a powerful server DSL.


Akka Remoting and Clustering

Distributed systems, baby.

Akka was designed to be distributed from the get-go. Learn to use the power of clustering for large-scale, reactive distributed systems.

Akka Clustering

Akka Serialization

Crank up that speed.

Don't waste months in your project only to realize Java serialization sucks. Learn to use Avro, Kryo or Protobuf to max-out the performance of your Akka system.

Akka Serialization

The instructor

Daniel Ciocîrlan

Java and Scala developer and best-selling instructor.

For 7+ years, I've been teaching a variety of computer science topics to ages 7-50+, now totalling more than 27000 students. I've held live trainings for some of the best companies in the industry, including Datto, Adobe and Apple.

What students are saying

Giannis on Akka Streams

"I've heard guys working years with Scala saying that the Akka Streams library is so complex that only the Lightbend folks that wrote it can use it [...] Daniel once again nails it, explains so nicely every single detail, and spreads some light into such a hard topic. [...] Honestly Daniel is like my Scala Guru"

Elliott on Advanced Scala

"This was every bit as brilliant as the more basic course. Scala is an exceedingly cool language and Daniel is able to explain techniques that would be quite advanced even for an experienced C++ programmer. I am the latter, and it has to be said that the way Scala simplifies the code required for many techniques is really impressive. [...] another tour de force from Daniel"

John on Akka Essentials

"Daniel, this was a great course. You hit on all the important points and the flow was great; each lesson building on the previous one. And the exercises really enforced that building"

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